NEW: Colad Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions


Colad introduces new Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions

Colad introduces a specialized hand cleaner and skin care solution for your most precious tools, your hands! Especially designed for quick removal of heavy duty dirt and for providing optimum skin care.

Our many years of experience in multiple industries has taught us that hands are the most important tools for millions of professionals in numerous industries all around the world. Skin must be thoroughly cleaned and cared for in order to protect it against all kinds of adverse working conditions. Handle your skin with care and avoid skin problems by using the new Colad Hand Cleaner and Skin Care products.

Hand Cleaner

A powerful Hand Cleaner, especially developed for quick removal of heavy duty dirt. Moisturizes hands and prevents skin irritation. Easily removes tough dirt, like grease, ink, adhesive, oil, acrylic and waterborne paints. Packaging: 300 ml bottle and a 3.8 litre can with integrated pump.

Skin Care Cream

Colad Skin Care Cream prevents the skin from drying out, moisturizes the skin and protects against the damaging effects caused by extreme working conditions. Frequent use helps the skin to recover, leaving it smooth and supple. Silicone free. Packaging: 250 ml bottle.

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