Colad Introduces New Hygienic Surface Cleaners

Two Rapid, Multi-Purpose Cleaners for All Interior Vehicle Surfaces.

Vehicle interior hygiene is important. It keeps your staff and the vehicle's owner healthy and safe. We have therefore complemented our interior hygiene range with two fast-acting surface cleaners, with a new formula for a quick-cleaning and quick-drying solution. 

Rapid Hygienic Surface Cleaners for All Surfaces

Effective and easy-to-use, alcohol-based cleaners are the best quick-drying solution for rapid cleaning of all interior car surfaces. Use these products to clean all of the surfaces touched by human hands. Examples: hood, trunk, doors, handles, roof moldings, sun roofs, etc.


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • For all hard surfaces in a vehicle
  • Standard version can be used on all surfaces, extremely suitable for use on leather and fabric
  • Effective alcohol-based cleaning formula
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Guarantees rapid cleaning
  • Best quick-drying solution
  • Spotless, doesn't leave any residue
  • Returns the vehicle to showroom standard in no time
  • Gives body workers and painters the cleanest possible car before beginning repairs
  • Delivers the owner cleanest repaired car possible





Art. No.

Suitable for

Alcohol Percentage

Hygienic Surface Cleaner



All surfaces - extremely suitable for leather and fabric

Moderate – 25%

Hygienic Surface Cleaner



All hard surfaces - cannot be used on leather and fabric

High – 69.9%


Are You Looking for a Rapid and Hygienic Cleaning Solution?

Then order your Colad Hygienic Surface Cleaner now! Contact your local Colad dealer, or contact our sales department at: sales@emm.comTel.: +31 38 467 66 00.

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