EMM sponsors R-M Best Painter Contest 2020

This year for the 13th time R-M organizes the international Best Painter Contest. The search for the best car painter in the industry is where this competition is all about. The main goal is to promote the profession of the car painters and to put the most talented painters in to the spotlight. Countries from Europe, Africa, Asia and North-America are participating within this contest. For the first time China and Morocco are also joining.

EMM Premium Sponsor R-M
The R-M Best Painter competition is considered as one of the most important events in the automotive refinish industry. EMM with its brand Colad is a proud sponsor and premium business partner since the start of the event in 1999. All finalists from the participating countries are receiving a personalized BodyGuard® Premium Comfort Spray Overal. The personalised R-M Bodyguards are supplied to all local finalists. The paintsuits supports them during the local finals with a full day of working comfort and protection. 


The first contests in France, Morocco, Norway, Denmark and Finland already took place. EMM congratulates the Best Painter winner Sylvain Crellier from France, Abdelhadi Essari from Morocco and Klaus Andersen from Denmark, we wish them all the luck during the finals in September. The following countries will also have contests and are being held on the data in below overview.


EMM Supports paint professionals and education centers worldwide with PPE innovation
EMM recognizes that the need for young, well-trained talent is growing worldwide. When it comes to automotive refinishing, future spray painters are being prepared for increasingly specialized application processes, more efficient product innovations and more digital solutions. Since 1999, EMM supports the Best Painter Contest as a competition for young up-and-coming spray painters to promote the profession as an attractive career and honor the most talented spray painters.

PPE safety first!
Paint professionals know the importance of personal protection. Besides the fact that regulations oblige the use of the necessary PPE materials, health is your most important asset. Both during and outside working hours.

PPE safety first!

Colad provides safety equipment with the highest level of comfort for a safe and healthy work experience. We at EMM innovated the paintsuits with the updated Bodyguard, introduced undershirts and Nitrile Gloves. For more information go to or

Country Data
Spain 11 feb 2020
Portugal 12 feb 2020
USA/Canada 27-29 feb 2020
Poland 20 mrt 2020
Germany 6 mrt 2020
South-Africa 13 mrt 2020
China reg. mrt 2020
China nat. jun 2020

19-20 june 2020

Belgium 14 may 2020
Italy 18-22 may 2020
Finals Clermont de l'Oise, France 22-24 sept. 2020


For more information about the contest, check out

Do You want to be supported?
Are you working at a painter educational center or a student and want to be supported by Colad – contact us at

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