Masking Paper Premium




Colad Masking Paper Premium makes your masking process efficient, fast and economical!

Colad Masking Paper Premium has customized properties for use in diverse masking applications. This makes the paper easy in use and also optimized masking capabilities. Perfect barrier properties in combination with the right absorption possibilities: paint will stick to the Masking Paper, but will not bleed through under normal conditions.

Masking Paper Premium benefits

  • Easy to tear in a straight line
  • Perfect barrier properties
  • Right absorption features
  • Paint sticks to the masking paper but does not bleed through under normal conditions
  • For easy application of Colad Masking Paper Premium, different masking paper dispensers are available

Masking Paper Premium features

  • Paper: recycled
  • Grammage: 50 g/m2
  • Absorption: 22 g/m2
  • Strength: 2.2 kPa.m2/g
  • Porosity: 120 ml/min
  • Length: 300 m
  • Roll. 8 versions 


Art.no. Variant
206021 21 cm
206028 28 cm
206037 37.5 cm
206045 45 cm
206060 60 cm
206090 90 cm
2060120 120 cm
2060150 150 cm

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