Turbomix Paddles XL



Dimensions: 30 x 3 cm, suitable for mixing cups of 1400 or 2300 ml. 200 pieces in a dispenser box. 

Plastic paddle paint stirrer made from recycled synthetic material 

The Colad Turbomix paddles are designed in a S-Shape and with small holes to give an optimal mixture and quick result. Also it is very rigid during the mixing process. Suitable for larger type mixing cups. 

Benefits of Turbomix Paddles XL Paint Stirrer

  • Suitable for larger type mixing cups 
  • Perfect consistency and pigment blend 
  • Save up to 40% mixing time with metallic paints 
  • Save up to 30% mixing time with conventional paints 
  • The innovative 'break it to save it' system ensures excess paint and pigments are removed 
  • Extra strong 
  • Ergonomic handle

Technical features of Turbomix Paddles XL Paint Stirrer

  • Measurements: 30 x 3 cm 
  • Packaging: 200 pieces in a box 
EAN code 8714247031636

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