Snap Lid System® 900 ml - 130 micron



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Complete paint application system containing 40 Snap Lids® with 130 micron built-in strainer and 40 Colad Mixing Cups 900 ml. Available with 2 different micron built-in strainers.

Paint application system

Complete set of our Colad Snap Lid® paint application system excisting of 40 Mixing Cups 900 ml and 40 Snap Lids® 900 ml. Colad Snap Lid® paint application system turns your mixing cup in to a paint cup, making painting as simple as Mix, Snap & Go! With three different sizes of paint cups Snap Lid® is the paint application system for every paint job. The built-in micron filters offer a paint straining solution in the painting process.

A fast, easy and efficient paint application system

Our Colad paint application system makes your painting process fast and efficient, just Mix, Snap & Go! The Snap Lid® allows you to use your mixing cup as paint cup, speeding up your process in an easy way while using less materials. The built-in strainer offers a straining solution straight in the paint cup, suitable for processing all types of paint.

The benefits of Colad Snap Lid System®

  • Fastest system; save time and money by using the mixing cup as a paint cup
  • Ready-to-use; complete system with attuned components
  • Ideal for larger paint jobs; the 900 ml mixing cup/paint cup has ideal capacity for larger paint jobs
  • Steady flow; prevents a vacuum and guarantees a stable paint flow
  • Reinforced lid; for fast and easy closure and leak prevention
  • Secure and tight thread; for a stable and watertight connection to the spray gun
  • Connect any spray gun; matching adapter for almost all types of spray guns

Upgrade your painting process with our faster, easier and more efficient Snap Lid® paint application system! Variant
9390130SLS 130
9390190SLS 190

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