Polishing Cloth



Cloth dimension 40 x 63.5 cm. Roll with 275 cloths pre-cut in a dispenser carton. 

Polishing cloth made of a balanced combination of viscose and polyester fibers. 

Non-woven cloths made to polish any kind of surface without scratching or leaving traces. Without any additives is ideal for polish chrome, glass and interior details. 

Benefits of Polishing Cloth

  • An extremely soft cloth for delicate polishing jobs in the body shop 
  • Through the balanced combination it is especially soft
  • Its special non-woven construction eliminates strings, fraying and lint
  • Containing no streak producing additives 
  • This cloth is ideal for the polishing of all chrome, glass and interior detail 
  • Manual polishing and buffing 
  • Recommended for use on external finishes 
  • Inside cleaning 

Technical features of Polishing Cloth

  • Colad Polish Cloth Rolls are made of a balanced combination of viscose and polyester fibers
  • Containing no streak producing additives
  • Base weight: 47.50 gr/m² 
  • Thickness: 0,77 mm
  • Dimensions: 400 x 365 mm roll
  • Packing: 275 cloths per roll in carton (1.91 kg)
  • Packing unit: pallet with 48 cartons 
  • Composition: Polyester 30% & Viscose 70% 
EAN code 8714247014509

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