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Our sanding control and check products help you to create the perfect finish. They make it easy to discover imperfections while reducing your sanding time and ensure an optimal end result.

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The most efficient and effective product to check for any irregularities while sanding panels. The ’glossy finish’ helps detecting any defects or colour deviations. Spray the panel after the sanding process to check repaired surfaces on...
Control Spray
Sanding guide to be used on putties or primer surfaces before sanding. This spray helps to achieve a perfectly sanded surface without damaging adjacent zones. Can also be used as black matte if applied in several coats (2 - 3). 500 ml...
Control Powder
Sanding guide to be used as a sanding control coat on fillers. This product is very economical in use and can be widely applied. Per box of 100 g and applicator in each box.

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