Foam Sanding Pads




Size: 115 x 140 mm. Box of 20 pads. 4 versions.

Highly flexible sanding pads for hand sanding. 

Can be used for wet or dry sanding to sand parts that machines cannot reach. Long-lasting product. 

Benefits of Foam Sanding Pads 

  • Adaptable to contours, curves and profiles
  • Ensures a high-quality and even finish, also in hard to reach areas
  • Consistent scratch depth and pattern, due to consistent abrasive performance
  • Pressure-equalizing foam reduce the risk of sanding trough
  • The pads can be applied both dry and wet
  • The pads are washable and re-usable for multiple applications
  • Can give up to ten times the life of conventional sandpapers

Technical Features of Foam Sanding Pads 

Application of Foam Sanding Pads

  • Industry; Automotive, Bus & Truck production, Marine, Interior building and kitchens
  • Application; Metal, wood, plastics and paintwork, Contours, edges, profiles and special shapes, Plastics prior to application of primer, Sanding between lacquers, Primer coats prior to application of filler, Fine sanding of filler, Apply a matt finish on paints and varnishes
  • Surfaces; All sanding applications on metal, wood, plastics and paintwork
  • Automotive; Colour, Primer filler, Primer coat, Plastics, Old paint
Art.no. Variant
38700180 fine

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