Car Interior Hygiene

Car Interior Hygiene
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Provides a hygienic environment for both the staff and the car owner since the most frequently handled interior parts no longer need to be touched.

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Hygienic Surface Cleaner - Premium – for all...
A fast-acting, ready-to-use, alcohol-based cleaning formula for all hard car interior surfaces. Highly active hygienic surface cleaner for all hard surfaces An effective and easy-to-use alcohol-based cleaner and the best quick-dry...
Car Interior Protection Hygiene Kit - 7 pcs
Hygiene kit for car interior protection, consists of drivers seat cover, gear stick cover, handbrake cover, floor mat cover and steering wheel cover, white transparent HDPE material, per kit in a plastic bag, 100 kits in a box A 7-piece...
Seat Covers
For protection of car seats during the complete process of preparation/sanding/painting. 100 pieces in a dispenser box. Size: 820 x 1300 mm.
Pump Spray Bottle with unique Coding System
1 pcs Pump Spray 1000 ml, 6 pcs Coding Rings® (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, grey) and 2 pcs Color Identification Charts. Pump Spray Bottle 1000 ml + Coding rings® The Pump Spray Bottle uses a unique Coding System to distinguish the...
Non-woven Degreasing Wipes
Non-woven Degreasing Wipes, easy to use in combination with the Colad Pump Spray System. Dimensions 32.5 x 42 cm folded in four. 200 pieces in a box. Non-Woven Degreasing Wipes for a spotless degreased surface Made by an unique...

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