Pump Spray 1000 ml + Coding Rings



1 pcs Pump Spray 1000 ml, 6 pcs Coding Rings® (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, grey) and 2 pcs Color Identification Charts.

Pump Spray Bottle 1000 ml + Coding rings®  

The Pump Spray Bottle uses a unique Coding System to distinguish the different types of liquid content.  

Benefits of Pump Spray Bottle 

  • Easy distinction and identification of fluids 
  • Helps maintain a clean and ordered workplace 
  • Complies with ISO certification where applicable 
  • Action Spray Gun is silicone free 
  • Contains 2 large (594 x 420 mm) Color Identification Charts to hang on the wall at your workplace

Technical features of Pump Spray Bottle 


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