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A range of application guns, suitable to apply our various repair products.

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Universal Gun manual
Size: 38 x 5.50 x 22 cm, colour: black. Per piece. Manually operated gun for exact placement of adhesives and sealants For standard cartridges of 290 and 310 ml. Benefits of Universal Gun Manual For exact placement of adhesives and...
Caulking Pneumatic Gun
Dimensions: 395 x 220 mm, air consumption: 2.737 lb Compressed pneumatic air gun Multi usable 1-component (1K) gun. With a delivery regulator and spray pressure regulator (max. 6 bar). Compatible with Nozzle Flat and Nozzles 1.5, 2 and 3...
Gun for 2K Plastic Adhesive manual
Made of metal, per piece. Gun for 2-component 2K plastic adhesives 50 ml Compact and light weight for precise application of adhesives. Benefits of Gun for 2K Plastic Adhesives manual Compact Light weight Designed for precise application...

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