Panel Bonding Adhesive



Colour: Black. 195 ml in ‘normal’ cartridge. 2 mixing tips included. Per piece.

Two-component structural bonding adhesive 

Epoxy based for metal and composite panel bonding. Bonds metal, SMC, ABS, aluminum, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. Bond metal panels of the same, or different metal composition, together. High energy absorption. With corrosion protection for use on bare metal. Ambient curing. Paintable after curing.

Benefits of Panel Bonding Adhesive

  • Long open time: 60 minutes at 23°C 
  • Contains glass pearls for an even layer 
  • Stable on vertical surfaces, no sagging 
  • High energy Resistancy 
  • VOC free 
  • Can be used on bare metal, contains corrosion protection 
  • Ambient curing 
  • Withstands automotive e-coat, powder prime, and paint oven temperatures up to 230°C 
  • Spot-weldable (uncured) 

Technical features of Panel Bonding Adhesive

  • Colour: Black 
  • Packing: 195 ml 
  • Packing unit: 12 x per box 
  • Store: Cool and dry. Between 15°C & 32°C
  • Shelf life: 20 months (also after opening)
  • Open/dispense: After dispense the used mixer should be left attached to the cartridge to ensure sealing from  humidity

Application of Panel Bonding Adhesive

  • Bond metal panels of the same or different metal composition together (F.I.: steel and aluminum)
  • Panel to frame assembly, aluminum panel on steel body work, aluminum fender, aluminum door panel. Alternative to refitted or welded bonded joints
  • Fix/clamp 4 hours (at 23°C), until maximal handling strength is reached

Certification of Panel Bonding Adhesive


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