Plastic Cleaner



Water based, spray bottle. 500 ml, per piece.

Plastic Cleaner, excellent cleaning and degreasing of plastics.  

Quickly removes grease, oil, sanding dust, insects, and silicon residue. 

Benefits of Plastic Cleaner

  • Water based 
  • Excellent cleaning and degreasing of plastics 
  • Quickly removes grease, oil and sanding dust

Technical features of Plastic Cleaner

  • Color: Transparent 
  • Contents: 500 ml in sprayer container 
  • Packing: 6 pieces in a box 
  • PH: ca. 12 
  • Solvable in water: Complete 
  • Flammable: No  

Application of Plastic Cleaner

  • Cleaning and degreasing of plastics before bonding. The Plastic Cleaner improve the adhesion of structural adhesives. 
  • Spray a thin layer on the surface from a distance of 30 cm and process it for 1 minute.  
  • Clean the surface with a good absorbing, clean non-fluffy degreasing cloth.  
  • Then take another piece of clean cloth and then wipe again in one direction.  
  • Apply in strictly necessary quantities to avoid drippings and waste of product.

Safety data of Plastic Cleaner


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