Seam Adhesive MS Polymer




290 ml in cartridge. 3 version: black, white and grey. Per piece.

High quality universal sealing and bonding adhesive Seam adhesive MS Polymer 

For all joints and seams on almost all substrates. Can also be used as general construction adhesive. Bonds many materials like, metal, plastic, glass. Permanent elastic. Paintable with 1K and 2K paints. 1-component MS Polymer. 

Benefits of Seam Adhesive MS Polymer

  • Permanent elastic 
  • Fast curing 
  • Sandable, paintable with waterborne and 2K paints 
  • Paintable with 1K and 2K paints. Fast curing. Wet-on-wet applicable (Test in advanced) 
  • Resistant to: UV-radiation, weather, water, moist, mould 
  • Very good adhesion on several substrates. Even damp surfaces 
  • Non corrosive to metals 
  • Sandable after complete curing through 
  • Excellent Adhesion 
  • Shrinkage nil 
  • Permanent elastic 
  • Resistant to UV-radiation, weather, water, moist and mould 
  • Filling and bonding properties

Technical features of Seam Adhesive MS Polymer

  • Colour: Black, white and grey 
  • Packing: 290 ml 
  • Packing unit: 12 units per box 
  • Store: Cool and dry, between +5°C and +25°C; 
  • Shelf life: 12 months 
  • Qualities of character: Elastic 
  • Density: 1540 kg/m3 
  • Consistency: Pasty, sprayable 
  • Curing time: 3 mm in 24 hours (23°C and 55% R.H.) 
  • Sand time: Ater fully cures 
  • Skinning time: 10 minutes 
  • Elongation at break (2): 300% 
  • E-module at 100%, MPa: 0.85 
  • Hardness2) Shore A: 60 
  • Tensile strength (1), MPa: 2.20 
    1) Measured to DIN 53504 
    2) Measured to DIN 53505 
  • Temperature resistance: - 40°C till +90°C 
  • Mechanical resistance: Good 
  • Chemical resistance: Fair 
  • Consumer chemicals: Good 
  • Dirt attachment: Hardly non 
Art.no. Variant
90672426 Black
90672427 White
90672428 grey

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