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Our undercoatings are flexible and most of them can be easily over-painted.

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Undercoating M40
Protects against corrosion and salt. Noise-absorbing, flexible and chip-resistant. 1 L tin with spray gun connection. Colour black.
Undercoating M80 - Repaintable
Undercoating with anti-corrosion and noise reduction properties. Material made of rubber and resins. After drying, the coating is paintable. The coating offers excellent protection against climatic influences and against gravel and stone...
Nylon brush
Nylon brush for application of Allround Neoprene Putty art.no. 4060.
Undercoating Spray
Undercoating in spray for rust prevention and sound deadening properties. Quick drying and recoatable. 500 ml spray. Colour black.
Undercoating Spray Gun Adjustable 2-8 bar
Spray Gun for the application of undercoating and cavity protection products in tins of 1 L. With an air connection and a nozzle to apply the product on surface. This gun also is equipped with an adjustable nozzle to adapt the spray...
Undercoating Spray Gun
Gun for the application of undercoating in tins of one L. Per piece.
Disposable Undercoating Spray Gun
Gun for coating application with disposable tube and nozzle. Saves cleaning time and costs. Includes disposable and replaceable tube and nozzle. Per set.
Disposable Tubes and Nozzles
Tubes and Nozzles for the disposable undercoating spray gun. Set consists of 6 tubes and nozzle.
Allround Neoprene Putty
Allround Neoprene Putty is a petrol and oil resistant compound. While remaining elastic after drying, brush and spray textures are retained. Allround Neoprene Putty is repaintable. Application: seals body panel joints, e.g. in the trunk...

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