Spray Booth

Spray Booth
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Protection combinations to help you keep your booth clean and the quality of your paint jobs as high as possible.

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A transparent, protective coating with tacky properties, that forms a tacky layer on your booth walls. Protects your walls from overspray and captures swirling dust particles due to the tacky formula. - Keeps your walls clean - Tacky...
Booth Coating
This coating for spray booths walls is ready to apply by spray gun (1.8, 2.0). A different method for masking a spray booth. Protects the walls from overspray by applying a single layer of booth coating, Booth coating forms a strong and...
Protect your spray booth walls for 1 year, using this 4-layered protection film! Layer has to be removed after 250 booth cycles or 3 months. To remove a layer, peel the top layer off to expose fresh film and re-tape the edges. Roll of 90...
Foil Dispenser
No need for carrying the Film4Booth roll and dispenser through the spray booth anymore! The application of Fim4Booth can be a heavy job. Because of the unique 4-layer structure, the roll of fi lm is quite heavy. With the Colad Film4Booth...
Blizzard White Peelable Booth Coating
A white, protective coating that forms a strong layer on your booth walls. Protects your walls from overspray, gives them a bright appearance and easy to remove by simply peeling off the layer. Features & Benefits: • Keeps your walls...
Ice Transparent - Peelable Booth Coating
A transparent, protective coating that forms a strong layer. Protects your lights and windows from overspray and can easily be removed by peeling off the layer. Features & benefits: • Keeps your lights and windows clean • Easy to remove...
Light and Window Wrap
A transparent, protective 4 layer film to protect your booth lights and windows. Easy to remove by simply peeling off the layers one by one. Features & Benefits: Keeps your lights and windows clean Easy to remove by peeling off the...
Dust Control
A static clear solution for spray booths floors and preparation areas. Specially designed to keep dust and dirt down on the floor to prevent dust from swirling during the paint job. Reducing the time spent on polishing job. Applied with...
Pressure Sprayer
Designed to apply Colad Dust Control. It is fitted with Viton O-rings for durability and has a 5 L capacity. Automatic safety valve protects against over-pressure. Per piece.

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