A transparent, protective, self adhesive film that can be applied to mask your booth walls.

Protects your walls from overspray and is easily removed by simply peeling off the layers one by one when contaminated.

Features & Benefits:
• Keeps your walls clean
• 4 layers for a longer protection time
• Can be applied over lights and windows
• Easy to remove by peeling off each layer
• Treated with paint adhesion
• Easy to apply

Colad Film4Booth is suitable to use in ATEX zoned areas, please refer to the technical datasheet for exact specifications.

Consumption: 1 roll = 75.6 m²
Amount of layers: 4 layers in 1 (all layers are numbered)
Application method: by hand with applicator and dispenser
Application: spray booth walls
Color: transparant
Tacky: no

4 layers for a longer protection time (1000 booth cycles or 1 year).

Roll: 90 cm x 84 m including 6 rolls of tape.

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