Light and Window Wrap



A transparent, protective 4 layer film to protect your booth lights and windows. Easy to remove by simply peeling off the layers one by one. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps your lights and windows clean
  • Easy to remove by peeling off the layers one by one
  • Easy to apply

Technical Specification:

Consumption: 1 roll = 19 m² 
Amount of layers: 4 layers in 1 (all layers are numbered)
Application method: By hand
Application: Windows and lights
Colour: Transparent
Tacky: No
Roll: 46 cm x 42 m


Light and Window Wrap can be used in accordance with ATEX normative 2014/34/EU (replacement of the old ATEX norm 94/9/CE) and is suitable for the following zones and explosion groups, this was tested by norm EN 60079-0:2011.


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