Film4Floor - self adhesive film




A self-adhesive strong and durable white film. Per roll. 2 versions: 90 cm x 150 m, 60 cm x 50 m.

A self-adhesive strong and durable white film

Makes it easy to clean the floor also provides protection. High gloss self-adhesive white reflecting film that improves visibility to the lower areas on the vehicle. Small wrinkles and bubbles will have no effect on the function of the product.

Benefits of Film4Floor

  • A self-adhesive strong and durable white film. Makes cleaning very easy 
  • White satin finish for optimum reflection 
  • Strong and durable (100 micron) 
  • Treated with paint adhesion
  • Easy to apply and cut 
  • Solvent resistant 
  • Anti-slip surface 
  • Easy to remove, does not leave adhesive residue 
  • Can be used in combination with Dust Control to eliminate dust 
  • Not anti-static 
  • Not to be applied in ATEX zone 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22

Technical features of Film4Floor

  • Material: Polyethylene (PE) - Melting temperature: 120°C  
  • Color: high gloss reflective white  
  • Film width: 6865: 90 cm x 150 m, 6864: 60 cm x 50 m  
  • Thickness: app. 100 micron 
  • Roll length: 150 meters 
  • Application temperature: Between 16 and 27°C  
  • Conductivity: Electrically non-conductive  
  • Packing: Per roll in a box 
Art.no. Variant
6864 60 cm x 50 m
6865 90 cm x 150 m

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