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Clear, protective solutions that can be applied wet.

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Antidust Premium - With improved formula to...
Tacky transparent booth coating, with improved formula. Keep your spray booth walls clean with Antidust Premium A transparent, protective coating with tacky properties that forms a tacky layer on your spray booth walls. Protects your...
Antidust - Protective Spray Booth Coating
Tacky transparent spray booth coating 3 versions: 5 L can, 10 L can and 20 L can. Keeps the spray booth clean and brand new A transparent, protective coating with tacky properties, that forms a tacky layer on your booth walls. Protects...
Booth Coating - Protective coating
A transparent, protective coating that forms a strong and transparent dry (non-tacky) film. Protects walls from overspray A different method for masking a spray booth. By applying a single layer of booth coating, Booth coating forms a...
Dust Control for Paint Booth
A static clear solution for spray booths floors and preparation areas. Can: 5 L. It makes dirt and spray dust stick to the surface; no whirling dust. Reducing the time spent on polishing job. Applied with pressure sprayer. Specially...

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