Booth Coating



A transparent, protective coating that forms a strong and transparent dry (non-tacky) film.

Protects walls from overspray

A different method for masking a spray booth. By applying a single layer of booth coating, Booth coating forms a strong and transparent dry film.

Benefits of Booth Coating

  • Keeps your walls clean
  • Non-tacky
  • Ready to apply
  • Strong film, protects the spray booth wall from overspray
  • Dry coating, non-tacky
  • Thinner resistant
  • Instant savings in time and material
  • Colad Booth Coating is non-hazardous and bio-degradable

Technial features of Booth Coating

  • Humidity: 40 - 60% RV
  • Consumption: 15 m²/L
  • Application method: Apply with a spray gun
  • Application: Spray Booth Walls
  • Color: Transparant
  • Tacky: No
  • Preparation: Make sure the walls of the spray booth are clean and
    grease-free. Shake well and apply as mentioned
  • Nozzle size: nozzle 1.3-2.8, 1.5-2 bar spray pressure
  • Removal: Remove with hot water or high pressure sprayer
  • Maximum usage: 85 booth cycles or 1 month

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