Technical Data

To ensure your safety while working with our products, we do our utmost best to provide you with all necessary technical product information. We strongly recommend that you always read the available technical information before using our products, and use them in accordance with this information. 

The following information is available, depending on the product type:

  • Manual

Instructions for correct use of the product.

  • Size Chart

A clear overview to help you find the right product size.

  • Product Data Sheet

Our Product Data Sheet (PDS) contains general information about the product. It shows you what the product does and what it can be used for. It also shows the versions of the product.

  • Technical Data Sheet

Our Technical Data Sheet (TDS) contains information about the product properties, general use, and general advice on health, safety and storage. 

  • Material Safety Data Sheet

Our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contains detailed information about health effects, transportation and protection of the user while handling the product. It also informs you about emergency procedures.

Finding available technical data

All available data is displayed when you view a product online. You can use the search function on this website to find specific products quickly and easily. You can also use the top menu to navigate to specific products.


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