News | 9-8-18

NEW – Colad introduces new packing of the Mixing Cups!

Over 25 years ago, Colad introduced the printed disposable Mixing Cup. Since then we have improved the cup to fit all your needs….

News | 9-8-18

NEW – Colad Snap Lid System® Now available in 350 ml version!

The Colad Snap Lid System®, Mix, Snap and Go! Today we waste valuable time and multiple preparation products while preparing paint for application….

News | 19-7-18

New: Colad Orange™ Masking Tape!

Colad introduces Colad Orange™ Masking Tape: a new high temperature and UV resistant orange coloured masking tape with a unique adhesive compound. This…

News | 4-5-18

New – Colad introduces High End Adhesives!

Colad introduces a new range of high quality and durable adhesives based on the latest adhesive technology. The range includes solutions for Plastic…

News | 10-7-17

Colad introduces WaterlessWash

Save time and money by cleaning panels quickly and easily whilst minimising your eco-footprint! Colad is pleased to present this convenient and money-saving…

News | 28-6-17

NEW: Colad Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions

Colad introduces new Hand Cleaner and Skin Care solutions Colad introduces a specialized hand cleaner and skin care solution for your most precious…

News | 14-6-17

Colad introduces long lasting repair glue Magic Fix

  Repair (almost) everything with Colad Magic Fix. It is a super glue to be combined with black and grey reinforcement powder. Colad…

News | 23-5-17

Colad Pump Spray Coding System

Are you looking for an easy way to distinguish the different types of liquid content? Colad Pump Spray uses a unique Coding System…

News | 12-12-16

Snap Lid System launched!

Are you ready to speed up your paint process and achieve high-quality results? Colad introduces the fastest solution for preparing and spraying paint!…

News | 1-12-16

Colad introduces the Spray Sample Sleeve

The solution that helps you organise your spray samples and protects them from scratching! Over 25 years ago, Colad introduced its printed Mixing…

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