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High quality, large textured cotton cloth. Superior dust holding capacity! The cotton wipe is specially designed to collect and remove loose contamination such as dust, dirt, hair and lint from surfaces. The Tack Rag is recommended for large dust particles but also eliminates the smallest dust particles in an instant. For pre-paint wiping of all surfaces. Powerful dust absorption: ‘High tack’ because of the woven cotton material and the unique impregnation. No dust particles will be forgotten, the job is done in one time! Large collection of (dust) pollution: Collects a lot of dust and dirt! For projects that are dirty and that need to be prepared fast for the paintjob. Go quickly to the spray booth! Large size: The size (unfolded: 81 x 92 cm, folded: 14 x 17 cm) is more than enough for wiping of dust on a large surface. Save on tack rags!


  • sku:9175
  • ean:8714247003350
  • manufacturer:Colad
  • packaging_unit:1
  • packaging:Plastic bag


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