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Magic Fix

Long lasting repair in seconds with an ultra strong sandable and paintable result. Magic Fix is a glue and filler for a fast and strong repair of various materials. Repair (almost) everything with Colad Magic Fix. It is a super glue to be combined with black and grey reinforcement powder. If it’s worth repairing: Fix it, Sand it, Paint it! Ready! Use Colad Magic Fix for glueing, filling and repairing of various materials such as steel, plastics, aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre, plastics and rubber.  Fill cracks or spaces with Magic Fix for example on: car bumper fixing points, hard plastic car door handle, filling and re-drilling, refitting screws, rear view mirrors, tappet covers, grills, bumpers. Magic Fix content: Glue (A) 6 pcs 10 ml,  Reinforcement Powder (B) 2 pcs Black 22 g and 1 pc Grey 22 g, 1 red pin, 1 glove, 1 applicator and a user manual.

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