Specialised polishing cloths to clean rests of polishings material and put the finishing touch to the polishing surface.

Polishing Cloth

Non-woven cloths made to polish any kind of surface without scratching or leaving traces. Without any additives is ideal for polish chrome, glass and interior details. Cloth dimension 40 x 36.5 cm. Roll with 275 cloths pre-cut in a dispenser carton.
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Micro Polishing Cloths

Brings up the highest gloss after polishing!

Dull surface after polishing? The soft, 100% Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth from Colad brings up the highest possible gloss and removes dried polishing compound without leaving scratches. The cloth has excellent absorption and can be used for polishing as well as cleaning.


  • Even structure For an even polishing result. 
  • Excellent absorption Prevents scratches from dried polishing compound. 
  • No stitching or labels Prevents scratching. 
  • Thick and durable For a long life. 
  • Re-usable Up to 500 wash cycles.
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