Miscellaneous high quality products for a professional workspot

Control Powder

Sanding guide to be used as a sanding control coat on fillers. This product is very economical in use and can be widely applied
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Surface Protection Tape

For protection during sanding, grinding and light blasting jobs. Perfectly suited for the temporary wedging of glued windscreens.
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Control Spray

Sanding guide to be used on putties or primer surfaces before sanding. This spray helps to achieve a perfectly sanded surface without damaging adjacent zones. Can also be used as black matte if applied in several coats (2 - 3).
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Soft Flex Rolls 115mm x 25m

Sanding paper on foam backing. Specially for sanding intricate parts. Can be used wet or dry. Roll of 25 m long with perforated pieces 125 x 115 mm in a dispenser box.
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Foam Sanding Pads

Highly flexible sanding pads for hand sanding. Can be used for wet or dry sanding to sand parts that machines cannot reach. Long-lasting product. Size: 115 x 140 mm.
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Rubber Eraser Pad

Specially designed to remove pinstripes, stickers & decals, car lettering, glue residue, attachment tape and foil from paint and chrome surfaces. The pad can withstand up to 4000 RPM and with included adapter it’s suitable for use in any drilling machine. 2 pieces in a box, adapter included.

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Viscose Sponges

Viscose Sponges for washing or adding water during any sanding process. Dimensions 135 x 90 x 34 mm.
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Prepping Pasta

Prepping paste is used to simultaneously degrease, clean and sand the surface before painting. Recommended for application with Colad Scuff Pad S Ultra Fine Grey (Art. Nr. 38001500). This water based product is absolutely silicone free and does not harm the environment. 600 ml in a bottle.

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AirTec Spot Blaster

Pneumatic Spot Blaster. Removes rust, old paint layers, dust, etc. from steel. Suitable for concrete blasting due to enclosed spot nozzle. The unique Venturi system allows the used blasting material to be recycled through the filter bag. Best results when used with Air Tec blasting material 3010. Including one spot nozzle.
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Nozzle Set AirTec Spot Blaster

Nozzle set for various applications, for the Air Tec Spot Blaster 3060.
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Spot Nozzle AirTec Spot Blaster

Suitable for concrete blasting, for the Air Tec Spot Blaster.
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The quickest and easiest check during sanding and paint preparation! The most efficient and effective product to check for any irregularities while sanding panels. The ’glossy finish’ helps detecting any defects or colour deviations. Spray the panel after the sanding process to check repaired surfaces on irregularities. Can also be used for spray sample checks! Easy to use, Fast, Safe, Cost effective
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