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Paint has to be prepared and applied in a clean environment. All our spray booth protection products provide professional solutions for the spray booth, making clean jobs possible without contamination of the painted surface. The products have been specially designed to resist solvents and high temperatures. Professional, easy and economical solutions for the paint area with all the tools needed to apply them.

Spray Booth Walls

Protect your spray booth walls from overspray, dust and dirt for a clean work environment.

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Protect your spray booth walls for 1 year, using this 4-layered protection film! Layer has to be removed after 250 booth cycles or 3 months. To remove a layer, peel the top layer off to expose fresh film and re-tape the edges. Roll of 90 cm x 84 m (including 6 rolls of tape).

  • Self-adhesive
  • Transparent
  • Can be applied over lights and windows
  • Treated with paint adhesion

Film4Booth is suitable to be used on the walls of a spray booth, and is tested / certified by norm EN 60079-0 : 2011 which specifies the general requirements of construction, testing and marking of electrical equipment and Ex Components intended for use in Explosive atmospheres.

Film4Booth can be used in accordance with ATEX normative 2014/34/EU (replacement of the old ATEX norm 94/9/CE) & is suitable for the following zones & explosion groups, this was tested by norm EN 60079-0:2011).

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Film4Booth Edge Tape

To be used in combination with Colad Film4Booth. During applying or removing a layer of Colad Film4Booth the Colad Edge-Tape is applied on the edges of the film or parts where there are difficulties applying Colad Film4Booth properly.
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Film4Booth Foil Dispenser

The application of Fim4Booth can be a heavy job. Because of the unique 4-layer structure, the roll of film is quite heavy. With the Colad Film4Booth Dispenser you are able to apply Film4Booth in an very fast and easy way. Simply install the Film4Booth roll on the dispenser from the top and start applying the foil to the spray booth walls.

No need for carrying the Film4Booth roll and dispenser through the spray booth anymore! The two solid wheels and easy to add-on handle bar make the  dispenser manoeuvrable on any surface (including grid floors). After use, remove the handle bar to save storage space.

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Film4Booth Applicator

Foil Applicator for quick and easy application of Colad Film4Booth against the Spray Booth walls.

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Booth Coating

This coating for spray booths walls is ready to apply by spray gun (1.8, 2.0). A different method for masking a spray booth. Protects the walls from overspray by applying a single layer of booth coating, Booth coating forms a strong and transparent dry film. Remove it with warm water or high pressure spray gun. 5L
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Blizzard White - Peelable Booth Coating

Peelable coating for masking spray booths walls. Apply by spray gun, brush or paint roller. Is an alternative to Booth coating or Antidust for the protection of the walls from overspray and dirt. Remove it by peeling of the film from the wall.

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Dust Control

A static clear solution for spray booths floors and preparation areas. Specially designed to keep dust and dirt down on the floor to prevent dust from swirling during the paint job. Reducing the time spent on polishing job. Applied with pressure sprayer. 5L
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Pressure Sprayer

Designed to apply Colad Dust Control. It is fitted with Viton O-rings for durability and has a 5 liter capacity. Automatic safety valve protects against over-pressure.
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Protect your spray booth walls with the transparent Colad Antidust adhesive coating. Maintain your spray booth with this coating and it will result in a spray booth life time that is much longer than average. 
Cleaning the spray booth is no longer an annoying task, with Antidust it is an easy job! Regularly use in the spray booth gives also a brighter sight on the paint projects, resulting in perfect paint jobs.

  • Paint overspray adheres on the Antidust coating
  • Ready to apply fluid, which saves on preparation time
  • The tackiness prevents dust particles going airborne for a perfect paint result!
  • Easy removeable with hot water or steam cleaner and save on cleaning time
  • Can be applied is with the application method you prefer; like spray gun, brush or paint roller
  • Silicone free, no fear for contaminating your paint work! 
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Light and Window Wrap

A transparent, protective 4 layer fi lm to protect your booth lights and windows. Easy to remove by simply peeling off the layers one by one. Features & Benefits:
  • Keeps your lights and windows clean
  • Easy to remove by peeling off the layers one by one
  • Easy to apply
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Ice Transparent - Peelable Booth Coating

A transparent, protective coating that forms a strong layer. Protects your lights and windows from overspray and can easily be removed. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Keeps your lights and windows clean
  • Easy to remove by peeling off the layer
  • Ready to apply
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