Spray Booth Floor

Protect your spray booth floor from overspray, dust and dirt for a clean work environment.

Dust Control

A static clear solution for spray booths floors and preparation areas. Specially designed to keep dust and dirt down on the floor to prevent dust from swirling during the paint job. Reducing the time spent on polishing job. Applied with pressure sprayer. 5L
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Pressure Sprayer

Designed to apply Colad Dust Control. It is fitted with Viton O-rings for durability and has a 5 liter capacity. Automatic safety valve protects against over-pressure.
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Film4Floor is a self-adhesive white film to be applied on the booth floor. This film makes the cleaning of the booth floor very easy. It is reflective white to increase the light in the booth and is treated with paint adhesion. Easy to remove, does not leave adhesive residue on the floor. Can be used in combination with Dust Control to eliminate dust in paint jobs.  White high gloss for optimum reflection  Easy to apply and cut  Strong and durable (100 micron)  Solvent resistant and paint adhesive  Anti-slip
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