Surface Preparation

Every surface needs to be prepared before it is painted. The preparation process requires perfect cleaning to avoid any contamination on the painted surface. All our products guarantee the best result. Proper preparation keeps the whole process spotless for an immaculate finish.

Pump Spray 1000ml

The Colad pump spray is equipped with VITON O-rings to resist both water and/or solvent based degreasers and the spray mist is adjustable to fit your job perfectly. Including set of 6 Coding rings + 2 Color Identification Charts.

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Pump Spray Coding Rings

Set of 6 coding rings including 2 Color Identification Charts. Easy to apply on your pump spray bottle. Helps you to identify the content quickly.

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Wall Bracket

Organise your workshop and use the Colad Wall Bracket to hang the Pump Spray on and have a central place for fluid identification. 2 pcs and connectable. Dimensions L x W x H (cm): 38 x 16.6 x 1.70 cm.

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Pump Spray Action Package

A complete package, including the new Wall Bracket. Ready to go! Do you want to distinguish easily different types of liquids, then buy now the unique Colad Pump Spray in combination with the Pump Spray Coding System®.

Content Colad Pump Spray promotion package:

3 x Pump Spray 1000 ml, 1 x Wall Bracket, 6 x Coding Rings®, 2 x Color Identification Chart.

Order your Colad Pump Spray promotion package now!

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Choose for the fastest cleaning solution ever and reduce your eco-footprint by using Colad WaterlessWash!

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Washing without water enhances your productivity! Cleaning panels just within a few minutes without the need to drive to the car wash. Colad WaterlessWash increases your productivity by enabling you to clean car panels and/or surfaces directly at the body shop. It saves up to 15 minutes per repair job! You’ll be done washing in just a few minutes!


  • Easy to use: Washing on the spot
  • Easy and safe to use: Ready in three simple steps
  • Efficient cleaning: Just clean the panel(s) that needs to be repaired
  • Time saving: Save labor costs (up till 15 min. per car)
  • Environmental friendly: Save water/ reduce your eco-footprint.

How it works:

  1. Apply WaterlessWash on the car panel, wait 30 seconds. 
  2. Wipe WaterlessWash off with a damp cloth. 
  3. Use a dry, clean Hamach Micro Polishing Cloth to polish the surface to a high gloss. 

You are ready to start your repair work!

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Non-woven Degreasing Wipes

Non-woven degreasing wipes, easy to use in combination with the Colad pump spray system. Main features: strong material, a minimum of loose fibres and super absorbent. Ideal for use with water and/or solvent based degreasers. No traces at all are left behind on the cleaned surface. Allowing to carry out the job efficiently without using paper.200 pieces in a box. Dimensions 32.5 x 42 cm, folded in four.
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Glass scraper

Scraper specially designed for the body shops, to remove the coat on car windows if these have been sprayed accidentally. Will not cause scratches. With 5 spare blades. Per piece. 9200 Option: A box with 20 pieces spare blades.

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Glass scraper spare blades

20 spare blades for the glass scraper.

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Tack Cloths

Our Tack Cloths are specially designed to remove any loose particles of dust and dirt that could contaminate the painting surface.
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Tack Rags

Tack rags designed to eliminate dust on any surface. Made of synthetic fibre, impregnated to remove contamination from surfaces before spraying. Anti static. Per box of 10 wipes in individual bags.
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Non-woven Tack Rags

Non-woven tack rags, impregnated to remove contamination on surfaces before spraying. Maximum dust removal due to large non-woven surface. Lint free. Specially designed for use with water and/or solvent based paint systems.
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Tack Rags Waffled

Tack Rag designed to eliminate dust on any surface. The specially waffled format combined with adhesive power increases the capacity for attracting dust. Specially recommended for big jobs. 

  • For use with water and/or solvent based coatings

  • Naturally treated (no chemical treatment or bleaching)

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Tack Cloth Waterbased

Waterbased, non-woven tack rags/ transition edge remover. Removes imperfections on various substrates before spraying. Maximum dust removal due to the large non-woven surface. Lint free. Specially designed for use with water and /or solvent based paint systems. Can be applied as transition edge remover
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