Choose for the fastest cleaning solution ever and reduce your eco-footprint by using Colad WaterlessWash!


Washing without water enhances your productivity! Cleaning panels just within a few minutes without the need to drive to the car wash. Colad WaterlessWash increases your productivity by enabling you to clean car panels and/or surfaces directly at the body shop. It saves up to 15 minutes per repair job! You’ll be done washing in just a few minutes!


  • Easy to use: Washing on the spot
  • Easy and safe to use: Ready in three simple steps
  • Efficient cleaning: Just clean the panel(s) that needs to be repaired
  • Time saving: Save labor costs (up till 15 min. per car)
  • Environmental friendly: Save water/ reduce your eco-footprint.

How it works:

  1. Apply WaterlessWash on the car panel, wait 30 seconds. 
  2. Wipe WaterlessWash off with a damp cloth. 
  3. Use a dry, clean Colad Micro Polishing Cloth to polish the surface to a high gloss. 

You are ready to start your repair work!

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