Non-woven Degreasing Wipes

Non-woven degreasing wipes, easy to use in combination with the Colad pump spray system. Main features: strong material, a minimum of loose fibres and super absorbent. Ideal for use with water and/or solvent based degreasers. No traces at all are left behind on the cleaned surface. Allowing to carry out the job efficiently without using paper.200 pieces in a box. Dimensions 32.5 x 42 cm, folded in four.
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Glass scraper

Scraper specially designed for the body shops, to remove the coat on car windows if these have been sprayed accidentally. Will not cause scratches. With 5 spare blades. Per piece. 9200 Option: A box with 20 pieces spare blades.

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Glass scraper spare blades

20 spare blades for the glass scraper.

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