Pump Spray System

Pump Spray 1000ml

The Colad pump spray is equipped with VITON O-rings to resist both water and/or solvent based degreasers and the spray mist is adjustable to fit your job perfectly. Including set of 6 Coding rings + 2 Color Identification Charts.

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Pump Spray Coding Rings

Set of 6 coding rings including 2 Color Identification Charts. Easy to apply on your pump spray bottle. Helps you to identify the content quickly.

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Wall Bracket

Organise your workshop and use the Colad Wall Bracket to hang the Pump Spray on and have a central place for fluid identification. 2 pcs and connectable. Dimensions L x W x H (cm): 38 x 16.6 x 1.70 cm.

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Pump Spray Action Package

A complete package, including the new Wall Bracket. Ready to go! Do you want to distinguish easily different types of liquids, then buy now the unique Colad Pump Spray in combination with the Pump Spray Coding System®.

Content Colad Pump Spray promotion package:

3 x Pump Spray 1000 ml, 1 x Wall Bracket, 6 x Coding Rings®, 2 x Color Identification Chart.

Order your Colad Pump Spray promotion package now!

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