Proper workspot organisation is a source of profitability. We offer solutions to improve the productivity in each process. Trestles for different parts, platforms for working in elevated areas, handy cars to hold all paint accessories or sanding material, a parts car and a sanding seat make your team more efficient. You will also find cleaning depots, a Venturi and a strong paper press to reduce waste.

Spray and Sanding Standards

A range of practical tools for easy sanding and paiting.

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A workshop trestle for placing bumpers and doors on, for either preparation or painting. Sturdy construction and lightweight. Adjustable working height. Equipped with rubber buffers. Can be used on grid floors. Dimensions: 116 x 70 cm (45.5 x 27.5“).
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High quality compressed air hose for paint jobs.

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Hose Cutter

For safely cutting high pressure air hose.
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High Pressure Hose PU/TPR

Compressed air hose recommended for paint jobs: strong and lightweight. Reinforced with polyester. Working pressure 20 bar, bursting pressure 60 bar. Silicone Free.

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Welding Blanket

Avoid scorching stains from welding-sparks.
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Welding Blanket

Avoids scorching stains from welding-sparks. Made of glass fibre. Fitted with magnets. Vertical application only. Dimensions: 200 x 115 cm.
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A self-adhesive strong and durable white film. Makes cleaning very easy.

  • White high gloss for optimum reflection
  • Strong and durable (100 micron)
  • Treated with paint adhesion.
  • Easy to apply and cut
  • Solvent resistant
  • Ribbed anti-slip surface
  • Easy to remove, does not leave adhesive residue
  • Can be used in combination with Dust Control to eliminate dust
  • Not anti-static
  • Not to be applied in ATEX zone 1, 2, 20, 21 and 22.
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