New – Colad introduces High End Adhesives!


Colad introduces a new range of high quality and durable adhesives based on the latest adhesive technology. The range includes solutions for Plastic Repair, Glass Repair, Sealants and Panel Bonding. The adhesives are fast drying, strong, permanent flexible, sandable and paintable. Get your repair done fast!

Assortment Colad High End Adhesives
Colad offers easy to use adhesives in the processes: Plastic Repair, Glass Repair, Sealants and Panel Bonding. Select the right product fast via the user friendly product labelling. Simply choose the repair process with the corresponding colour and icon.

Plastic Repair:
Powerful 2-component (PU) structural adhesive for a fast and strong bond. Available in 30 seconds, 1.5 , 3.5 and 5 minutes drying times. Sandable and paintable. For fast cosmetic bonding to structural repairs like bonding and filling medium sized cracks and holes.

Glass Repair:
Perfectly suited for bonding windscreens to the car body. High quality MS Polymer, 1-component. Permanently elastic adhesive, very high initial adhesion and high adhesive strength.

High quality MS Polymer sealing and bonding adhesive. Bonds and seals. For example car body seams. Excellent filling properties. For a strong, flexible and durable bond. Also bonds a wide range of materials. Available in black, grey and white.

Panel Bonding:
2-component epoxy adhesive for metal panel bonding. Bond steel and aluminum panels of the same or different metal composition together. Replace quarter panels, roofs, sides and door skins. With corrosion protection, can be used on bare metal.

The assortment includes several accessories as primers, cleaners, nozzles and dispenser guns designed for easy application. Now on stock. Find more information on for video’s about advantages and possibilities. Also download the adhesive catalogue and or the poster!


Tim van Klaveren

Junior Product Manager

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